honeycomb and peanut butter cookies with a kick


My day was made through the medium of Instagram today:


Despite aggressively sharing my amateur food photography on Facebook, by the 31st of January I had given up all hope of winning last month’s “Dish Snaps” competition. Dish magazine is hands down my favourite magazine – so beyond simply being stoked with receiving wine (having already been introduced/made a fan of the Bastard chardonnay), I feel utterly flattered. It is perhaps a lofty goal for me to consider this wee win a shoe in for eventually contributing even a recipe to the magazine … but a girl can dream (shoot for the moon, etc.).

I actually wasn’t planning on posting this recipe (despite the fact it is delicious), however my ego has now been boosted to the point where I feel I have to share my efforts via social media.  I’m not adept at cookie making just yet – mainly for lack of trying, so I think I feel these are something of a learning curve as opposed to a final success. It’s incredibly simple, and the chilli I added to the cookie dough added a pleasing surprise. Cookie sandwiches are inherently decadent – something about eating two at once by virtue of how they are created seems to make it so.

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