I’m Christabel, obsessed with food to the point of incessantly day dreaming about it.

I’m a 24 year old doctor working, living and thoroughly enjoying life in New Zealand. I’m forever thankful for the access we have to great meat and dairy products, fresh produce, and beautiful scenery for working off treats in. This blog is my space for celebrating that – mainly in the form of recipes. I especially enjoy baking for other people, however I’m also hugely into experimenting and eating the efforts myself.


When I’m not at work, I spend most of my time chasing the sunshine, smashing tin in the form of human parents and Crossfit, and absorbing everything I can about food.


I have celiac disease (autoimmune condition = no gluten ft. in barley, oats, rye, wheat) and am therefore gluten free not by choice. I bake a lot of my recipes with gluten, simply because I get frustrated with the fine-tuning and often lack-lustre results of using gluten free flour. All my main/savoury dishes are gluten free, however, and I am always searching for gluten free things that taste just as good as the real thing.


I’ve been into baking in a big way since May 2010 when I prepared 144 cupcakes of various flavours for a dear friend’s 21st birthday at our flat. I effectively ended up spending most of the year perfecting the cupcake through the medium of group celebrations. At that time I also enjoyed cooking for myself, but didn’t really extend myself beyond trying out new diets or making a slightly different stir-fry with regards to the savoury side of things.

Contrary to the treats I bake, I’ve been into low carb high fat/primal/even keto as a lifestyle since late 2012. Being gluten free makes this a relatively easy transition. While I found keto a bit too extreme, keeping my main meals during the week based around meat, vegetables, eggs and high fat dairy with plenty of fresh herbs and interesting spices makes sense to me. I feel and look better when I just eat real food – however I’m not one to pass up dessert just because.


Enjoy! I’m not the most proficient of bakers or chefs – it’s just something I love to do. I’m slowly gaining increasing confidence in new cooking methods (barbecuing, candy making) and this is only through deciding I can do it. The worst that can happen? More dishes (and they are an inevitable part of the process, anyway). I don’t intend for my recipes to be finicky or require special ingredients – I’m a huge believer in making do with that I have on hand (which is probably how so many of my chocolate cakes end up with sneaky bits of mayonnaise in them).


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