stracciatella cupcakes with tahini fudge frosting

DSC05367 DSC05369

Working evening shifts for the entirety of the Easter weekend made me want to drown my sorrows in chocolate. Thankfully, I set my heart on that chocolate being in the form of hollow eggs, and when I went to fill up my car with petrol on Sunday, there were none fitting that bill. I saved me from myself through punctuating the weekend with beautiful treats and bike rides.

At times like these, whereΒ I feel like I have no control over my schedule, I find it immensely satisfying to be able to produce something beautiful to share with other people. Β It’s really comforting to haveΒ an objective, aesthetically pleasing reminder that I’ve done something with my day before having my social life taken away from me (by which I mean watching the Bachelor NZ with my flatmates). It’s like scheduling a Skype date with an overseas friend in the morning instead of being able to vent with my flatmates over a glass of wine in the evenings. Cooking for people makes me feel like I have a purpose (that purpose being doing it for the love), and when I can’t make dinner for my boyfriend, cupcakes will just have to do.

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