cookies and cream rocky road



After a six month hiatus from food blogging; albeit certainly not from enjoying food, I’m back blogging in the New Year with rocky road so delicious I would definitely break any kind of resolution to eat it. I made, devoured (thank you Countdown for gluten free Oreo substitutes!) and gifted a few batches of this over Christmas and can safely vouch for how excellent it is – and having passed on the recipe via Facebook chat to a friend, I can thankfully remember it. This is a magnificently transportable treat for long distance gifting, however that’s not to say it needs to go far to be appreciated.

There’s not much more to say about this rocky road beyond issuing my reluctance to adjust the ingredients. It’s ridiculous to be so didactic when it comes to a recipe where you are literally just melting some chocolate and adding tasty treats, but the balance of chewy to crunchy is practically perfect and not to be messed with. Don’t underestimate the power of the salted macadamias, or the lack thereof when it comes to willpower around this.

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rocky road version mum.0


While I identify reasonably strongly with my mother’s Dutch side of the family (or pehaps just use at an excuse for “going back to my roots” when I bleach my hair every 8 weeks) and can appreciate the odd rollmop (pickled herring fillet) when the mood strikes me, I’ve never really been on board with the whole aniseed thing. My mother, on the other hand, is such a licorice lover, to the extent where she even enjoys the particularly salty varieties of Dutch drop. I’m not the fussiest of eaters, however I am ever thankful for the fact licorice isn’t inherently gluten free, providing me with the perfect excuse to never “try” to like it.


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