Cadbury Creme egg layer cake


While I have been baking less frequently lately, I’m trying to do so with more care, i.e. extra hours of day dreaming. Quality over voracious quantity, I suppose – with respect to reminding myself I don’t have to bring treats in to work everyday despite having set a precedent for such a thing to be expected (an expectation I entirely place on myself – thank you, type A personality). I’m pleased with the result – creating something in person that is just as beautiful as what I’ve pictured in my head is enough to induce genuine squealing (of joy, not like a pig stuck in a fence or something). This cake is no exception.

It is a creme egg in cake form – the bottom and top layers made from chocolate fudge mud cake, the middle vanilla buttermilk (both arising from the same initial batter because I am that lazy or efficient, depending on how you want to look at it). The filling between is a buttercream attempt at the fondant inside the egg, and the Dairy Milk fudge icing completes it, with actual Creme eggs and other Easter treats to complete it. I’m a loyal Whittaker’s girl in most respects, but their lack of Easter goodies and desire to recreate Cadbury’s ubiquitous Easter egg means the Dairy Milk is absolutely non-negotiable.

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easter bark


I’ve been a little absent from blogging for the last two weeks or so – in part because I have been dedicating more of my spare time to two newfound hobbies, and also because sometimes it is nice to step back and just enjoy the food I’ve created without voraciously documenting it. I think simply celebrating food with its ability to be shared with others is often the nicest thing – without necessarily stopping to take a photo. In some cases, however, the aesthetic brilliance of the resulting treat is too good not to post.


I’ve discovered an absolute love for cycling, now that I have a home for a borrowed road bike at my own apartment, and also signed up for a three month unlimited(!) yoga membership. Benefits of these activities include the scenery (above), a resting heart rate of 42 bpm and getting out of my own head/mindfulness/not being such a highly strung human. Let’s just not mention the 1 hour guided meditation I attended in which I promptly fell asleep when considering the sensation in my left foot ~10-20 minutes in and then proceeded to snore for the rest of the class.

Nevertheless, I still have time to get excited for Easter! For those not familiar with the blog-to-behold that is Sweetapolita, this Easter bark I made is one hundred percent attributable to Rosie’s creative genius. Thinking I was being prepared, I purchased all of the ingredients for this bark in advance and then proceeded to leave the chocolate in my car while on a day shift. Now that we are getting into the full swing of Autumn, I underestimated the power of oh, just the entire day of hot sun beating down on my car and returned to find my Malteser bunnies no longer bunnies at all, and my blocks of chocolate to be an utter flaccid mess. Unfortunately the bunnies were beyond resuscitation, but my chocolate was revived easily enough and it all came together pleasingly to create the best looking treat ever. Given the fact that D has nibbled the remaining at all hours of the day (pre-breakfast bark, anyone?), I can attest that it tastes just as good as it looks.

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